My Son and My Father inspire me , My family inspires me .I am the type of person that loves to make people feel good ,and feeling beauty on the inside is the most important thing you can have.

I got started about 17 years ago , My little boy had eczema and I hated putting creams with medicine and chemicals in them ! I knew there had to be a better way so I started mixing sea salts from all over and baking soda and all these other natural things so my baby didn't have to be so uncomfortable. So I make things that help people feel good inside.

All of our products are hand pressed made with premium essential oils .Some of our Bath products are made with cream of tartar and geared towards people who have eczema and psoriasis so they are all very gentle on skin;also all hand blended so these products may sometimes have the appearance that they are not the same,they are because they are hand blended and sometimes the pressure may very .Our colors are liquid and powder mica .Our candles are made from a soy beeswax blend and fresh /dries herbs and premium essential oils for your enjoyment, all hand poured as well.Custom requests are welcome but may take an additional day or two depending on the requests.Our healing and tattoo whipped balm is 100 % handmade from scratch we measure every ingredient and blend them at a specific temperature for 6-8 hours then cool and whip no animal products are used in making this balm. this is a perfect tattoo healing balm and dried cracked skin balm.enjoy our scrubs and soaps ! They are delightful and we hope they bring you as much joy as our other customers!Bath salts are from natural sea beds .

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